High-performance decentralized ecosystem

Ultra High Performance

DAG Ledger

Transactions in Vite are grouped by accounts. That is, each transaction only changes the state of one single account. Send transactions are separated from receive transactions, thereby obviating the need to wait for a transfer to be complete before the initiation of another transaction. The hierarchical design of the consensus algorithm allows horizontal scalability in consensus groups.

Asynchronous Architecture

Vite splits transactions into transaction pairs according to a "request-response" pattern. The writing and verification of transactions are asynchronously decoupled, thereby supporting ultra-high throughput. Inter-contract communications are based on an asynchronous messaging model.

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Reactive Contract


With an event-driven architecture, every smart contract is viewed as an independent service. Contracts communicate via messages without sharing state.


Solidity++’s syntax is compatible with most of that of Solidity. The new syntax supports asynchronous semantics, contract scheduling, and provides a series of standard libraries, such as string manipulation, floating-point operations, basic mathematical operations, containers, sorting, and so on.

Integrated Decentralized Ecosystem

End-to-end system for value transfer

Vite itself is a decentralized exchange that supports digital asset issuance, cross-chain value transmission, and inter-token transactions based on the Loopring protocol. A quota-based resource allocation mechanism allows light users to pay zero fees and gas. Users can obtain computing resources in multiple ways. Vite also supports quota leasing.

dApp Mini Programs

The Vite client features an engine for creating HTML5-based decentralized mini programs. This engine simplifies the process of dApp development and deployment.

June 2018

Beginning of Vite Core's R&D

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Core Team & Advisors


Veteran blockchain entrepreneur and technical expert. Standing director of China Blockchain Application Research Center. Graduated from China University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Former senior architect of, co-founder of Coinport, and engineering director of Meituan Dianping. Abundant experience in distributed systems and high concurrency systems.


Seasoned Wall Street professional. Graduated B.A. from Dartmouth College and MBA from New York University. Previously structured product trading strategist at Goldman Sachs and Vice President of Two Sigma's high-frequency platform and Business Innovation & Growth group.

Frank Deng

Expert in digital and mobile marketing. Graduated from Tsinghua University. Served in Google Ads Operations Group, COO of Suizong Technology and co-founder of Yunke Technology.


Seasoned blockchain investor and senior technical expert. Previously led engineering efforts at Meituan and Coinport.

Allen Liu

Senior technical specialist. Graduated from China University of Science and Technology and Fudan University. Former HP Tech Lead; former IBM senior architect and product manager. Having 10 years high concurrency experience in multinational firms. Scrum expert. PMP.

Daniel Wang

Seasoned blockchain entrepreneur. Graduated from China University of Science and Technology and Arizona State University. Founder of Loopring, former Google America Tech Lead, Co-founder and VP of Yun Yun Wang, Senior Research and Development Director at, and Co-Founder of Coinport.

Li Zhang

Senior blockchain practitioner, investor. LinkVC Capital Partners, former CMO of F2pool , former business officer of Huobi.

Terence Lam

Veteran investor. Graduated from Harvard Business School. Partner of Zhizi Blockchain Investment Fund. Adjust professor of SPACE China business school at Hong Kong University. 20+ years’ experience as senior technical manager at Global 500 companies. Started many technology startups.

Ivan Golovko

VP Strategy and Investor Relations of LegalThings One. Co-founder of Distributed.Fund and Distributed Alliance. Former CMO of ICODrops.

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