Vite Labs announces long-term strategic partnership with OK Blockchain Capital.
Vite and OK Capital have decided to enter into the following areas of collaboration: OK Capital has become a major investor in Vite. OK Capital’s research center will undertake an advisory role in Vite’s plan to launch a decentralized exchange based on the Loopring protocol. Vite has positioned its initial commercial uses to be in financial technology, with at least two major projects yet to be announced. OK Capital will provide key insights, relationships and resources on these fronts. Vite Labs’ Silicon Valley office will provide overseas resources for potential project partnerships for OK Capital.
Vite Labs strategically invested in a digital asset bank MXBank.
Vite as the infrastructural public chain, will provide MXBank with public-link related technical support to help MXBank land on Vite. In the meantime, the ecosystem fund leader from Vite will also join MXBank team to accelerate product development. Vite Token will also become one of the first group of digital assets supported by MXBank.
Vite Labs became a strategic partner with SECBIT Labs, which focuses on smart contract security research.
In the future, the two companies will carry out thorough and in-depth cooperation on the security of Vite from top, middle, and bottom layers of the blockchain infrastructure. In this arrangement, the cooperation involving the bottom layer of the public chain includes security of transactions and security of virtual machine security.
ACHPAY is an non-profit foundation that is invested by Vite Ecosystem Foundation, and Vite Ecosystem Foundation held ACHPAY token as a shareholder.